Hi everyone!

My name is Raquel and I was born in Madrid, the capital of Spain – a beautiful, lively city, full of kind people; if you haven’t visited yet, I recommend that you do – you will like it!

Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. My passion for teaching lead me, first, to study Early Childhood Education. However, fate had something slightly different in store for me.

It was in 2015 that my English teacher suggested I teach Spanish on Skype. At first it seemed crazy, but then I thought, why not? So, said and done. I embarked on a new adventure.

It was love at first sight. From the start, it was clear that I wanted to do it professionally. The first thing I did was to complete my training by doing several specialized courses in Spanish teaching, and I got Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. In addition, I took courses to become an official DELE examiner at Cervantes Institute.

A little more about me

If there is something that defines me, and my husband as well, is our love of animals, particularly dogs. There have always been six members in our family: Hada, a beautiful Weimaraner, and my five Teckels or, as I call them, my five little sausages; Kora, Viena, Chico, Malú and Rachin. Although some of them have passed on, they will always remain in our hearts.

My other great passions are travelling and cuisine; I am a gastronomic explorer by nature. I love visiting new places and interacting with people, getting to know their traditions and customs, and, of course, tasting their food.

raquel fernández

And, as a Spanish teacher…

I have mostly taught Spanish on Skype, though I have also worked one-to-one and worked with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce during the official DELE exams (Spanish Foreign Language Diploma).

Mainly, I help students to improve the fluency and accuracy in Spanish through conversation lessons. In addition, I have loads of experience helping university students, especially from The Open University, with their projects and speaking exams. Therefore, I provide valuable support and guidance.

When planning my classes, my students are the real protagonists. I always plan according to their needs, interests and learning styles. Also, I use a wide variety of resources and materials so that the teaching-learning process can as productive and enjoyable as possible. If there is something that my classes stand out for is the rapport I build with my students. I never imagined it possible to create such a warm and pleasant atmosphere through a computer screen. I like my students to feel comfortable and confident, so good humor is always present in class. That closeness has resulted in many of those students being in very friendly terms with me even after years. We even had the chance to meet in person and it was an amazing and incredible experience!!!