(The Open University)

These classes focus on higher education.

For years, I have helped university students from The Open University get excellent grades in Spanish. As a result, I provide valuable support and guidance.

I prepare my lessons according to my students’ needs. During these classes, you will be able to:

  • Work on your projects: I will help you with the most important contents of your projects, such as the use of sources, structure and argumentation, linguistic correction, and linguistic style and richness, among others. I will review your projects and give you ideas and suggestions to improve them.
  • Prepare for your speaking exams: We will do enough mock exams for you to speak fluently and accurately, and I will boost your confidence for your speaking exam. In addition, I will provide excellent tips for you to successfully pass the exam.
  • Clarify doubts: Grammar can be a large endeavor. I will clear your doubts in this area, and you will practice Spanish grammar through useful and practical activities.