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1. Purpose
– To answer inquires sent through our contact forms
– To send you news and information about ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING through different means, including electronic ones, unless you do not give consent by checking the box for this purpose.
2. Only the person concerned´s explicit consent allow us for data processing.
3. Unless under certain conditions outlined in law, we will not disclose your information to third parties


These are the data categories that are being collected by our company:

○Identification data
○Professional data: job position, expertise, etc.
○E-mail and mailing addresses
○Business information
○Economic and transaction data

We will not process especially protected or sensitive data by any means.
We have collected all the data mentioned above through two different means:
THROUGH YOU: By the submission of contact form inquiries, the presentation of a commercial offer or a contract proposal, etc.
THROUGH YOUR COMPANY: By the facilitation of identification data and other necessary information to establish a contractual relationship between both parties.
In the case of changes to your present data, it is your or your company´s responsibility to duly inform us of the aforementioned, in order to keep your data updated.


ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING is allowed to collect personal information through the use or browsing of this site, through forms, through e-mail or through the establishment of a contract. In order to submit the forms included in our website, there will be required files, which are marked by a *. If you do not fill in these fields, it will not be possible to fulfill your request and the purposes described in the form.
We inform you that, by the use or navigation of our website, ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING may, in some cases, collect data about your:

○IP address
○Browser version
○Operating system
○Sections visited / Time spent in thesite

This information is stored by Google Analytics. For more information, please, read Google Privacy Policy, where you can find all the information regarding storage.
This information will not be linked to a specific user and it will be stored in our data bases only for statistical purposes and in order to enhance your experience in this site, our products and/or services, and our business strategy. The information will only be stored by the PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA PROCESSING and will not be disclosed to third parties. For more information, please visit our Cookies Policy.
ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGE reserves the rights to modify or adapt this DATA PRIVACY POLICE and, therefore, we advise you to check our policies every time you access this website. If a registered user accesses his or her account or profile, he or she will be informed about substantial modifications on our data processing.


The information collected through our forms, via e-mail or by a contractual relationship with ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING will be used for the purposes described in the data privacy of each case.
We process the data in order to manage different activities regarding specific procedures in sales, after-sale service, supplier management, service quality, etc. That is to say, we will use your information to:

1. Send you information requested through the use of forms in our website or any other means you may use to contact us.
2. Perform our client´s administrative, tax and accounting management.

We will not create commercial profiles based in the information provided and, therefore, we will not take automated decisions based in your commercial profile.



ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING will store your personal data as described below:



You consent to receive advertising:  The stored personal data will be deleted if you withdraw your consent for storage

You do not consent to receive advertising: The stored personal data will not be used longer than the time strictly necessary to process your request.

The data concerning natural persons linked to potential clients, clients and suppliers and that has been collected through web forms and/or information gathering will be stored for as long as this commercial relationship persists in accordance to the minimum storage periods specified in legislation by subject matter.
In any case, we will only store your personal data for a reasonable time period in order to give answer to your requests, to solve problems, to enhance your experience, to activate our services and to meet the requirements set out by applicable law. This means that we can store your personal data after you have finished using our products or site. After a reasonable period, your personal data will be deleted from all of our systems.


According to current privacy policies and regulations, we are allowed to use your data when:

○Performing a contract for the provision of services

-The person concerned gives explicit consent for the processing of the following data:
-Data processing in web contact forms
-Data processing of those clients included in bills and invoices
-Request of information about our products

○Performing a legal duty:

-Data retention periods once the contract relation is finished are established in accordance to the Commercial Code
-We may disclose your information to tax inspection authorities as specified by Ley 58/2003, de 17 de diciembre, General Tributaria

Below, we describe the allowance for data processing according to the type of data being processed:


Accounting management: to manage clients’ and/or suppliers’ billing. Maintenance, development and control of the contract relationship between parties
Fiscal management: application of withholding taxes, tax allowances, etc. Maintenance, development and control of the contract relationship between parties. Fulfillment of legal duties

In regards to your duties as part of the contract, you are compeled to provide your personal data and, if you decide not to, your contract will not be performed. You also have to comply with administrative/legal regulations.


As mentioned above, unless under certain conditions outlined in law, we will not disclose your information to third parties.
Under certain circumstances, your data may be disclosed to the following entities if it is necessary and proportionate for lawful purposes:

○To the Spanish Tax Agency
○To Bank entities, in order to follow payments.
○To Labour Inspection


You have the right to know if we are processing your personal data.
Specifically, concerned individuals can ask for access to their data, as well as to receive their data in a common and machine-readable format if the data is being processed by electronic means (portability rights).
Concerned individuals can also request edits and corrections of inexact data or ask for its removal it is not necessary for purposes that lead to its recollection.
Under certain circumstances, the stakeholders may ask for treatment limitation of their data. Under certain circumstances and because of a personal and specific situation, as a stakeholder you may apply your opposition right and object to the processing of your personal data. Our company would not process your data any longer, excluding imperative legitimized motives (the performing or defense of potential complaints or those exceptions included in the applicable legislation).
We also inform you that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This right will not affect the legality of previous processing – as it is based on your past consent.

To sum up, as a personal data holder, you have the right to be informed if your data is being processed, to access your personal data, to ask for edits or corrections if the data is inexact or to request its removal –if, among others circumstances, the data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected for or if you withdraw your previous consent.

You have the right to present a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially if you are unsatisfied in the performance of your rights:

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.
C/ Jorge Juan, 6
28001 – Madrid
Telf. 901100099 / 912663517


Security measures
ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING meets the levels of security required by the European and Spanish legislation regarding data protection.

Data processing of minors
According to RGPD UE 679/2016 and RD 1720/2007, minors over 14 years old can consent to contract information society services – as subscribing to a forum, filling in a contact form, etc. However, it is ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING duty to verify the accuracy of the minor´s age.
When processing data regarding minors under 14 years old, our company will need explicit consent from their parents or legal tutors in order to process their data.

Modifications in our Privacy and Data Protection Policy
ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING may realize some occasional modifications and corrections in our Data Protection Policy affecting our users, clients and suppliers. Please, we advise you to check our policies regularly in order to notice changes that may affect you.

Why you should accept this Data Protection and Privacy Policy?
This section of Data Protection Policy for users, clients and suppliers provide an easy and accessible way to all the necessary information regarding which data is being collected by ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING, which are our purposes, your rights as reflected by legislation and how you can exercise your rights. Therefore, by the intentional submission of personal information through our means of contact or/and by the establishing of a new commercial relationship, you are deemed to accept the processing and treatment of your personal data as it is described by the current policy. This personal information will be only used for the purposes for which it was provided and for purposes specified by national or regional regulations.
In any case, we should inform you that, if you do not agree to give us some specific data, the contract relationship may hinder the development of contractual relations between both parties and it may have severe consequences while providing the services as described by the commercial contract.
If you have any question regarding the Protection Policy for potential clients, clients and suppliers, please, do not hesitate in contact us using the address provided in the first section of this policy – PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA PROCESSING. It will be our pleasure to assist you and give answer to any additional questions.

Applicable law
The present conditions will be always governed by the applicable national and European law in force regarding protection of personal data and privacy.
ONLINESPANISHLANGUAGELEARNING will process and store your data according to current regulations, without prejudice to the stakeholder’s right to request data treatment limitation. Under certain circumstances, you may exercise your right for the portability of your data, which will be send to you or a new data controller in a common and machine-readable format.
You have the right to withdraw your consent for any data processing or treatment previously agreed.
In order to exercise this right, please, contact us using this e-mail address:
You have the right to present a complaint to the Spanish Protection Data Agency if you consider that you have not been adequately attended while exercising your rights. The maximum period for issuing and notifying the decision shall be one month, starting from the date of entry in the Spanish Data Protection Agency of the request.
In the case of changes to your present data, we ask that you duly inform us of the aforementioned, in order to keep your data updated.